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Velo Wheels is a shop that specializes in Custom Wheel Building. To the weekend racer that requires the finest hand built wheel to the old school cruiser that comes in for minor wheel true. I have the experience, ethics and correct equipment to provide professional work at a reasonable price.

 I consider myself well versed in building, maintaining and truing bicycle wheels. I built my very 1st wheel in flagstaff over 20 years ago. The day before the race I crashed and destroyed my front wheel. Later that evening using the original hub and spare rim, I hand built a wheel using a spoke key and the light of a nearby campfire as my only tools. The next day I finished 2nd in the race. I have learned a lot about wheel building since then and now build wheels for cyclist and recreational riders here locally in Arizona and others throughout the country.

It is important to remember, I only work on wheels. I don't sell tubes and tires, install bar tape or have a large showroom of the latest and greatest fad, I only work on wheels. If you need other repairs other then wheel work I would be happy to send you to my links page.



  The New VeloWheels Website: 

If you are familiar with my services, you probably used to visit me on my old site, Jbikes. The old site served its purpose for a number of years, but there are so many internet users and other internet domains using the JBikes name, I decided to move everything to a more unique site name. Everything was moved over here in Jan, 2010 and I have been working on adding new material, and I update the site from time to time so please bookmark me!


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